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Welcome to daviesteelman.com, the website of daviesteelman.

daviesteelman is the project name under which David Mudie writes and records music in the genre of progressive rock.

Based in south London, David has been involved in music-making for most of his life. He plays keyboards, guitar and bass, working both alone and in collaboration with friends and family to develop multi-layered songs.

The current release is Where It All Began, a five-track EP studio project comprising around 40 minutes of music.

Some tracks on the current EP have been over 20 years in development, while others have been written recently.

From the rocky opener, Slab, to the extended meditation on geological time and human history, Grey Rocks, the EP takes the listener on a progressive journey through the landscapes of daviesteelman's world. The work hangs on the apocalyptic triptych of Triplets, Rush of Kings and Grey Rocks.

He is joined on a couple of tracks by family member James (guitar, trumpet), and friend and collaborator Steve Wells (guitar; formerly of the band Charming Snakes), and on one track by Sao Paulo-based guitarist Marco Neves (check out his Youtube channel).

Discover Where It All Began.


The EP "Where It All Began" is available from the following sites:-

iTunes: Link to EP in iTunes

Bandcamp: Link to EP on Bandcamp

Amazon: Link to EP on Amazon

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Also available on Google Play, Apple Music, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, Napster, iHeartRadio, ClaaroMusica, Saavn, MediaNet and Shazam.

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Here in the UK the latest edition of Prog magazine was published on Thursday 19th July, priced around 8 UK pounds, and it has a cover disc on which the daviesteelman track "Triplets" features, together with a short review within the magazine.

The review, by Jerry Ewing, editor of Prog, says "...a song rich in character...Gentle Giant, Yes and Jethro Tull vibes are tastefully prominent."

The EP has also been reviewed on the US-based music blog site Divide and Conquer; the reviewer says, "The songs were really well written and I think Mudie is a gifted vocalist and instrumentalist." (Matt Jensen, Divide and Conquer blog)( Link to full review)


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