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Welcome to daviesteelman.com, the website of daviesteelman.

daviesteelman is the project name under which David Mudie writes and records music in the genre of progressive rock.

Based in south London, David has been involved in music-making for much of his life. He plays keyboards, guitar and bass, and enjoys the processes of recording, producing and mixing music in a wide variety of styles, mostly done in his home studio (also known as the loft; full of the usual loft junk, plus a load of music gear!). He is a big fan of home recording. (A big shout out to www.recordingrevolution.com - a wonderful resource.)

The current release is Wanton Bells, which hit the online stores and streaming sites on Sunday 29th November 2020 (Advent Sunday). See below for further news. This is a long-awaited follow-up to Where It All Began, a five-track EP studio project.

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Here in the UK the July 2018 edition of Prog magazine featured the daviesteelman track "Triplets" on its cover disc, together with a short review within the magazine.

The review, by Jerry Ewing, editor of Prog, says "...a song rich in character...Gentle Giant, Yes and Jethro Tull vibes are tastefully prominent."

The EP has also been reviewed on the US-based music blog site Divide and Conquer; the reviewer says, "The songs were really well written and I think Mudie is a gifted vocalist and instrumentalist." (Matt Jensen, Divide and Conquer blog)( Link to full review)

The EP was favourably reviewed in the 94th edition of the French-language Belgian magazine Prog-resiste (published in the last quarter of 2018).

And on Bandcamp, Progressive Rock fan Sven B. Schreiber said "Holy crap! This is a fantastic prog album! I found it today... and it left me open-mouthed for considerable time... well, there's still hope for prog, as long as sublime music like this is created. Thank you, David Mudie, thank you... really can't thank you enough... You made my day! Favourite track: Rush Of Kings."

Thank you, Sven! I'm blushing!


Advent Sunday, 29th November 2020, saw the release of a single Wanton Bells, an exuberant track with proggy overtones and an Advent undertow. It is available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and all the other major music download and streaming sites. Check it out!

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